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This important message is from the Stop the Trawler Crew

They’ve killed at least 9 dolphins, 15 seals, 11 albatross, 23 sharks, and caught a whale shark

12345563_457032981152034_7764417275247364065_nThe monster trawler Geelong Star has been destroying our local baitfish and protected species for almost a year now. It’s heart breaking and infuriating for people who love our oceans and want to make sure there’s fish for the future.

But in breaking news: NSW Primary Industries Minister, Niall Blair, has just come out demanding the Australian Government reviews its super trawler approval.

Our work is making a difference, and the more politicians we get to speak out in the lead up to the federal election, the better.

Here’s a wrap of everything you need to know about our fight to protect our oceans from monster trawlers, closing with some details on our exciting National Week of Action!

Nets of mass destruction.

The monster trawler Geelong Star has taken thousands of tonnes of the baitfish that drive important game fishing and whale watching tourism on the NSW south coast. They’ve also killed at least 9 dolphins, 15 seals, 11 albatross, 23 sharks, and caught a whale shark – and they’re just the ones we know about……

Dodgy behaviour in the Senate Inquiry

We presented to the Senate Inquiry in April, demanding that the government end the secrecy and release the evidence they have of the monster trawlers damage to our oceans.[ii]

Whale shark scandal continues

We’ve asked for the footage of the whale shark being caught and dragged on board the super trawler Geelong Star, but the government are using delay tactics. They’ve rejected all of our past Freedom of Information requests, and pushed out the date they need to respond to the latest request twice. But we’re not stopping until we get to the bottom of this scandal. We’ll keep you posted.

Super Trawler questioned by NSW Minister!

The NSW Minister for Primary Industries has come out calling for a federal review of the management of the super trawler in consultation with recreational fishers. This is great news! Our messages and actions are getting through to the people with power.

Join the National Week of Action!

To keep the pressure building on our MP’s we’re having a National Week of Action from 16-22 May. Here’s how you can help:

  • Click here to LIKE us and please share this picture on your facebook page (or social media) Stop the Trawler
  • Put up some super trawlers posters and postcards in your local fishing shops, fish n chippie, and cafes. Just click here to email us with your postal address and how many posters and postcards you can distribute
  • Events will be organised in Bega (NSW), Geelong (VIC), Glenelg (SA), and Tassie. If you want to organise an event in your town, hit reply to this email and let us know – we can help you with posters, promotion and ideas.
  • Do you live in Eden Monaro and have some time to help? Just click here to email us  straight away and let us know.

Our fishing, marine life and coastal towns are still under threat from the factory trawler Geelong Star because the federal government has failed to act.

With your help, we can make sure the Government knows this issue is not going away.

Thanks for all that you do!

Bec, Ginny, Laura and the Stop the Trawler crew

p.s. A National Week of Action will help build the pressure on our federal MPs, making it clear this issue will not go away until factory trawlers are banned in our Small Pelagic Fishery. Share our graphics on facebook and click here to email me on to get posters and postcards for your community.


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