Message from Howard Kodra CEO and founder of Oceans’ Harmony

We at Oceans’ Harmony want to remain independent

#oceansharmonyGood day everyone.

Well as you know we have our Australian charity status and now Pay Pal has accepted us as a charity. With these two recognitions we can now accept donations. Our first mission is to study the shark nets up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia. Every year countless marine life is lost to these nets. It is a controversial issue but we intend to prepare a report to the government and local authorities as to there use and alternatives.

There are many issues that can be addressed, however we at Oceans’ Harmony want to remain independent. Take whaling for example. The Japanese believe it to be of scientific importance to kill numbers of whales each year. Most of which ends up on the dinner plate. Now that whaling is banned in most countries around the world, the whales are coming back and in greater numbers.

Marine mammals in captivity. That one I know all to well. For those now in captivity they should be allowed to live as normal a life as can be expected. The likes of Sea Worlds and Marinelands around the world continue to exploit these fine creatures. They say the animals do it because they want to. Then why do we blow a whistle and feed them a fish for doing it. Simple! they earn points/food for doing tricks. I take much of that blame on my shoulders as I state in my video.

Please go to our website and contribute so we can now do something positive to fix some of the mess we have created.


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