Howard Kodra – Realising A Boy’s Adventure

Howard Kodra has led an adventurous life, the likes of which many boys would dream of.

As a teenager, he fell in love with the marine environment and soon became a PADI qualified diver, swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii and Florida. He rescued dolphins from an early age and became fascinated with their intelligence and ability to learn and communicate.

Recognising the tourist industry growth in the USA, Howard worked with tourism operators to enable people to interact with Dolphins but at the same time ensuring the safety of the animals. He worked with dolphins, orcas and other marine mammals in what was considered to be a fun environment and filled their lives with games.

It was probably therefore inevitable that he studied Marine Sciences, specialising in whales and dolphins. Hungry for challenge, Howard also completed his degree in Broadcasting in that same year at the Columbia School of Broadcasting in Hawaii.

From 1977 to 1982 Howard was a pioneer in the development of SeaWorld Australia, on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast where he became the Director of Shows and Training. In this role he directed marine shows including marine animals and ski shows for the theme park and developed the first Marine Mammal Paramedic Rescue Program.

Howard was the Australian chairman of the International Trainers’ Association and was instrumental in the success of the hit television documentary, hosted by Michael Pate, known as ‘The Wonderful World of the Dolphins”.

Oceans Harmony was registered in November 2011, however the concept was first brought to the table back in December 2009. Some 71% of our planet’s surface is made up of water. Oceans’ Harmony is driven by a dedicated group of professionals who devote their time to growing this beautiful and compassionate global family. Our goal is to build a major force in the conservation of fauna and flora within the oceans as well as the oceans and seas themselves.

Oceans’ Harmony is a non-profit organization, dedicated to maintaining, improving and conserving the oceans and seas of the world.

The team has a wealth of knowledge both in Australian waters and internationally. The executive body is made up of professionals from a broad spectrum of business including, Financial, Legal, Project management, IT, Marine research, Marine mammal expertise and a high level of marine vessel management.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.