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More News on Stop the Monster Trawler!

Julie Bishop and Peter HendyJulie Bishop and Peter Hendy were door-stopped (not shirt-fronted) by the Stop the Trawler Alliance in Bega this week, while locals were organising their event for the National Week of Action next Thursday! 

There’s a rumour that the Liberal Party is going to make a pre-election announcement.The Labor Party has also said they will do something to stop the monster trawlers. They could both be making empty promises – we’re all used to that at election time. But let’s make sure they can’t get away with it! If they try to sell us a pup, they won’t hear the end of it – our fishing, vulnerable marine life and coastal towns are just too important. 



Yellowfin Tuna Tournament CrowdWe may be doing this off the smell of an oily rag, but we have people on our side! At the Merimbula Open Yellowfin Tuna Tournament last weekend, 100+ fishos and families showed their support for a ban on destructive factory trawlers hammering their oceans.

These actions are making a difference – together you’re making sure politicians understand the depth of community anger at this massive threat to our fisheries and protected ocean animals.  

Here’s how you can help us turn up the volume even more

– Join the National Week of Action!

  • Wanna come to an event with your fellow ocean defenders?

Click on the links to these local events to invite your friends and RSVP on facebook.  

Geelong, VIC: 8am Thursday 19 May. BCF, 203 Colac Road, Waurn Ponds.  

Bega, NSW: 11am Thursday 19 May. Peter Hendy's office, Carp Street Bega. 

Adelaide, SA: 12.30pm Thursday 19 May. Matt William's office, 670 Anzac Highway Glenelg East.   

Hobart, TAS: 8am Thursday 19 May. Eric Abetz’s office, 136 Davey St Hobart.

  • Organise an event in your town!  

It’s super easy and can be as simple as getting a few mates together with a sign on a sheet of paper that says #nosupertrawlers! Click here for more info.

  • Forward this message! 

If you’re feeling passionate but can’t make an event, forward this email on to your friends and family who might be interested in coming along, or hosting their own. 

Help make sure they go far enough to protect our fishing, marine life and coastal towns from factory trawlers for good!

Thanks so much for all that you do,

Bec, Ginny, Laura and the Stop the Trawler crew

p.s. See us taking the message to the pollies? The National Week of Action is next week. Come to an event!


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