About Us

Oceans are over 71% of our planet’s surface.

To preserve and balance the health of this planet we call “Earth” we must all dedicate our efforts to the preservation of the oceans and the balance of life within them. The need to do so is fundamental to the continuation of all life on Earth as we know it.

Oceans’ Harmony is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to maintaining, improving and conserving the oceans and seas of the world.

Oceans’ Harmony is driven by a dedicated group of professionals who devote their time to growing this beautiful and compassionate global family. Their goal is to build a major force in the conservation of the fauna and flora within the oceans and seas themselves.

Howard Kodra, an marine mammal pioneer, was among the first group of animal lovers to capture and train Dolphins for display at Marine Parks back in the early 60′s. Through this role he became Director of marine mammal training and shows at Sea World on the Gold Coast. To meet Howard, Click here…